Hello, we are Nicole and Mateusz! Together with our treasurer Wathdy we build the board of Interstudis.

You can contact us via this e-mail:!

Our President


My name is Nicole Maehler and I am the President of Interstudis.

I grew up in a small town close to the beautiful city Leipzig but sooner or later I found myself traveling and exploring the world. After spending a high school year in the USA I decided to study International Business Administration here at Viadrina. I also got to enjoy Erasmus on my own, at the lovely town of Tartu in Estonia.

It did not take long until I got involved with Interstudis, because I was simply fascinated by the internationality here at Viadrina and I wanted to become part of it.


I often get asked how I ended up at Interstudis and ESN… as cheesy as it sounds: ESN changes lives every day. I cannot even put in numbers how many new, inspiring people I met during my time with Interstudis and how all these activities and the enthusiasm changed my life, so that I couldn’t imagine leaving it all behind. I guess it is true what they say – once you get a taste of that Erasmus feeling, you cannot let go of it!


Our Vice-President

My name is Mateusz Weis-Banaszczyk, I’m a German-Polish cultural & politics student about to graduate and for the time being, I’m holding the office of the Vice President of the student initiative called Interstudis.

It is also the fact that I grew up bilingual that made me setting up my tent in Frankfurt (Oder), located between the two countries who particularly determined my journey through life ever so far I remember (France is the third).

I believe that within our generation, we all take varying views on the world in general, and that our living habits can differ depending on our social environment. Yet, in doing so, we usually share the wish and ability to work together. I for one regularly get active within the scope of youth exchange programs and training courses financed by Erasmus+.

As a consequence, various travels in and outside Europe present a frequent and thus substantial sequence of my daily life. Joining Interstudis opened me the chance to become even more involved in the already brisk international activities of our European university Viadrina. I started as a member in 2014, then went on a break in favor of my precedent-setting Erasmus year in Istanbul and Paris and rejoined the team back in 2016. Over and above, by working for Interstudis, I gained access to the interior life of a young, dynamic and extremely creative group of fellow students which all share the same passion: supporting the new arrivals at our university in the best way possible and creating haunting moments for them. Take our word for it!

Or to put it simply: I’m the guy who speaks all your languages wink


Tasks of the Board

  • Representation of the organization
  • Contact person for members, tutors and and exchange students
  • Coordination of the different departments
  • Organisation and execution of the official welcome reception for our exchange students and the International Day
  • Consistent contact with our umbrella association ESN (Erasmus Student Network)