Hi, my name is Wadthy and I am the treasurer of Interstudis. Next to Nicole and Mateusz I am the third person of the board. You can reach me via



My name is Wadthy Khieu and as the treasurer of Interstudis I'm responsible for the financial assets of our organization.

Whenever we have events I have to calculate the costs and apply for subsidies to make sure that enough money is provided so we can have our awesome international evenings, parties and trips with you!

The reason why I joined Interstudis is to help students from all around the world.

Since our university is already international it is a really good thing to have this organization for cultural exchange.

Whenever you have questions regarding your reimbursement

for different projects or travel costs of our trips feel free to contact me.




Tasks of the Treasurer

• Consistent accounting
• Calculation and permisson of money for events
• Application for subsidies
• Reports for subsidies
• Tax computation
• Correspondence with sponsors and invoicing parties