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My name is Alexandra-Elena (Lexi) Cojocaru and I am currently one of the persons responsible for the Marketing Resort of Interstudis e.V.

I was born and raised in Romania, in the beautiful capital city Bucharest. After I finished high school I moved to Germany and currently I am studying IBA (3rd year of Bachelor's). Aside from Romanian being my mother tongue, I can speak fluent English, German, a little Spanish and French, but always willing to learn more. :)


I have always been fascinated about the variety of existing cultures, languages and my decision to come study at Viadrina has only enriched my views of the world and has put me in contact with people from all over the world whom pretty soon became some of my closest friends. I can only say the memories I gathered with them, I will always treasure.


I joined Interstudis 1 year and a half ago and the reason for it was to help our international students integrate at our university, in Frankfurt Oder as well as in Germany.


I myself went on exchange, to discover the beautiful Czech Republic, which has been an incredible adventure, led me to meet incredible people, discover a new culture, travel and gave me a family all over the world. So I can only say that doing an Erasmus/exchange is an incredible blessing and it will definelty change you and your perspectives, teaches you to be more kind and appreciative of the things you are given and allow you to create unforgettable memories. 



My name is Yasin Timur Turan and I am 21 years old. I study law at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder and I am currently one of the persons responsible for the Marketing Ressort of Interstudis e.V.


I am born and raised in the great city Hannover. My parents are from Turkey with roots from Georgia and Caucasus. I had the great luck to grow up with both cultures.

The reason I joined Interstudis is to help students integrate at our university and as well to meet new and interesting people from all over the world.











Tasks of the Marketing Department

• Supervision of the web presence and our facebook profile 
• Promoting the Interstudis
• Promoting parties, trips and other events of the different ressorts