Hit the road with HolidayCars.com
What better way to start or end your year abroad with a roadtrip to see all that Germany has to offer. HolidayCars.com is partnering up with ESN to offer all students a 15% discount on their next car rental. Get your discount by clicking on the link below.

Visit the biggest cities in Germany
One of the biggest pros of studying in Frankfurt is that it’s placed in between the bigger cities of Germany. Perfect for a quick roadtrip with fellow students! Cities you could easily visit thanks to your student discount:

•        Berlin is only one hour away. Perfect for a small trip with new made friends. Visit the Berlin Wall, go shopping and enjoy a night out to forget about all the homework that’s waiting for you.

•        Take your rental car and drive two hours towards the boarder to visit Dresden. This city is mostly known for its stunning Rococo style architecture.

•        Have you seen enough of Germany? It’s pretty easy to drive your car across the border and visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague.

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Booking a rental car is done in three steps:
You can easily book a rental car on HolidayCars.com. In three steps you can rent a car for your next holiday:

First step: Search for the location where you want to pick up your car.
Advise: Renting six weeks in advance will get you the best deal!

Second step: Select the car you want from the many car rental suppliers.
Advise: Choose a car you would normally drive.

Third step: Book and get the best deal.
Advise: Some rental car suppliers charge a special fee when you’re under a specific age.

Car rental has never been so simple!